Your basement should be a space that is functional and helps extend the usable

square footage of your home. From storage to an office or an extra bedroom to a

theatre room or man cave, an unfinished basement is simply a paradise waiting to be designed!
We are here to help you with basement remodeling.

With the proper flooring, walls, lighting installation, and craftsmanship, anything is

possible. Salty Dog Remodeling has the tools and talent to provide the finishing

touches on any basement and transform it into something grand. You can design the

home office you’ve always wanted, or create the perfect room for an afternoon of

football or a custom bar that make this a great party space.

A guest suite; extra storage; a stylish lounge; a home theater; your vision is our




Imagine stepping into your bathroom and having a wave of relaxation wash over you,

even before you turn on the shower! Salty Dog Remodeling offers expert advice on

how to get the most out of your bathroom space while completing beautiful custom renovations. Our professional craftsmen are knowledgeable and ready to implement

the bathroom remodeling features you desire, no matter the project’s size. Whether you want a

new bathroom faucet, installation of a statement mirror or two, custom storage,

specialty tile or a completely redesigned space, Salty Dog Remodeling can do it all!



From the installation of new flooring, to the refinishing of existing hardwood floors,

Salty Dog knows what you need and can do it all. We can advise you on the best and

most affordable options for your home.

The type of flooring you choose for your home can speak volumes in terms of style

and comfort. With the proper flooring you can transform your home with a glamorous

look of marble for your front hallway, or give your living room a vintage, historical

touch with reclaimed pine. Durable and waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is a great

choice for many homes as well.

Salty Dog Remodeling provides many flooring options for you and your family to

choose from, and we offer expert advice on the best options for children, pets,

cleaning accessibility, price, and more! We’re passionate about our work, and seeing

the smile on our client’s faces when they first take in their brand new or newly

refinished floors, leaves a smile on ours.



The kitchen is the heart and hearth of every home. It’s the area where family and

friends alike come to gather, laugh, eat, and share their lives. Having a kitchen that’s functional and aesthetically pleasing to you can boost the happiness in your

everyday life, and no one renovates better than Salty Dog Remodeling!

We can create whatever kitchen design you have in mind. No project is out of our

expertise, whether it’s installing more convenient storage options or constructing an

entire new kitchen island, complete with matching countertops and cabinets and a

beautiful herringbone backsplash. Our master craftsmen deliver your vision with

complete precision, and never leave a job until you’re completely satisfied with your

project. Once everything is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy friends, fun, and flavor in

your awesome new kitchen.



Doors and windows are the eyes of your home, and Salty Dog knows the importance

of properly fitting doors and windows for any home. The doors and windows of your

home must fit properly and have proper insulation to keep your home cool in the

summer and warm in the winter. They can make or break your utility bills year round.

With a vast variety of window and door types to choose from, it can be difficult to

decide which is right for you home. With a little help from Salty Dog’s Window and

Door team, you can have the most beautiful doors and windows in your


Salty Dog is ready to complete an energy audit of your house and show you just what

new windows and doors can do to save you money throughout the year. Salty Dog Remodeling has the skills and eye for design to make your windows and doors both stunning from inside and out, as well as energy efficient. We use the best materials

and products to provide you with safety and luxury all in one great deal.

That’s Right, Salty Dog Remodeling is your home’s best friend. We know how to improve your home and keep it well maintained on the inside as well as the outside. On the outside of your home that includes Roofing,

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