Salty Dog Remodeling is a licensed deck and patio builder with many master

craftsmen ready to turn your vision of an outdoor living space into a reality. We also

provide a handful of deck and patio services, such as repainting, refinishing,

replacement, and repair services in the case of split, cracked, or warped wood. From

taking care of your existing patio to custom-designing one from scratch, Salty Dog Remodeling will take care of all your outdoor deck needs so you can soak up the sun

in the comfort of your outdoor living area.

If you’re unsure of the exact style or size you want for your deck, we can help you

step by step through the entire process. We offer free quotes as well as design and

layout advice. So, if you have questions about what type of wood to use or the best

way to remove mildew, we can help.



The roof of your home takes the most amount of wear and tear throughout the years. Whether it be from rain, snow, hail, heat, or wind, your roof should be able to

withstand it all to keep your home and family safe. With the right material

and construction, a good roof should last you about 20 years.

For those of us with older homes or have been victims of Mother Nature’s weather,

roof repair/replacements may need to occur more often than its average 20-year

Salty Dog Remodeling, the best roofing contractor, understands how important it is to keep a roof that is protective and durable over your head, Our roofing company ensures that you get the best quality services. Our

workers will provide you with the best material and knowledge to make sure you are

getting the protection you deserve to keep your roof beautiful, no matter the weather.

Salty Dog Remodeling is a Certified GAF contractor



Many homes can experience siding damage without even knowing there is a problem until it is too late. Everything from a misplaced panel to small insects can cause extreme damage to your home. If these issues are not treated properly, they could create bigger problems to the home such as water damage, infestations, and mold. Many homeowners will try to repair their loose shutters and sidings themselves and end up causing more damage to the home. This not only hurts the home, but also your wallet. Keeping your home protected doesn’t have to be an expensive hassle, and with Salty Dog Remodeling’s siding repair and replacement services, your home will be protected on all sides at a reasonable price.

After a proper inspection, our certified workers are able to find any and all problems that may be occurring with your home’s siding. Whether it is a simple repair due to damage from the weather or extreme damage from age, we make sure to fix your home to last you years to come. With Salty Dog Remodeling, we want to make sure your home stays beautiful and protected, which is why we offer siding repair and total replacement, if necessary for your home. Our siding repair services are not limited to just your home, but also to any additions you have as well. We also offer siding materials ranging from wood to vinyl to guarantee the protection of your home from whatever nature throws at it. So, whether you have insect damage or simply want to completely replace your home’s siding, Salty Dog Remodeling is here to make sure your home looks good and keeps your family safe!

That’s Right, Salty Dog Remodeling is your home’s best friend. We know how to improve your home and keep it well maintained on the inside as well as the outside. On the outside of your home that includes Roofing,

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